Street Corner Kings are:


JEFF, a Brooklyn native, is a founding member of ECHO MENSA, PREY, THIS, is a featured musician on Jasun Martz's neo-classical work "THE PILLORY" and is the lead guitarist for Rob Enz & The FOG. Additionally, his song "WINGS OF AN ANGEL" (Recorded with PREY) was featured on the Carson Daly show and his song "TIGER" was used for the film of the same name. Jeff is an accomplished songwriter, composer and plays guitar, keyboards, bass and electronic drums.

ROB, lead vocalist, records with Project Rockaway, played with LI rock group THE CODE plays guitar and sing back-up vocals for Rob Enz & The FOG . He recorded the title track vocals for the film "SCARS OF A PREDATOR". He was also the lead vocalist for the Doctors, Brass Trax and False Start. He is a world-class songwriter and also plays guitar and keyboards and performs regularly as a solo artist..

ALLAN (aka Lord Tom Balcombe), started out as a NYC DJ and quickly became established in the recording industry. He has worked with prominent gospel singers such as: Tyrone Mitchell, Bardo Hills, Bridget Blucher, Dun Joseph, Cora Williamson, Wendy Mitchel, Mike McInnis, Brother Louie, Devon Johnson, Dennis Chin, Croswel Daley and many more. He produced and engineered the great WINSTON SOSO, with hits like "BRING THE RUM", "WET ME DOWN", and most recently, the highly charted "SATURDAY NIGHT".  He is a  multi-talented and versatile musician, composer, arranger, recording engineer and producer who also plays keyboards for Rob Enz & The FOG and runs San Souci Recording Studio in Brooklyn.

STEVE, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, found the expression he sought in the electric bass. After several originals projects, studio work, cover bands and a short 30 year hiatus, Steve rejoined the music scene to play bass as a member of Rob Enz & The FOG before joining up with Street Corner Kings.


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